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Cricket Equipment


This is where it all started, a passion for cricket. With combined over 20 years experience we can assist players of all abilities and level to take their game to the next level. Whether it be one on one, small groups, coaches wanting to further their learnings or clubs looking for some assistance we are able to help. 


Coaching sports offers quality one on one/small groups coaching in multiple sports. We take a holistic approach to our training taking time to build that trust and relationship with our clients to ensure that we meet their requirements.



I have been coaching for 23 years, am CA High Performance Level 3 accredited and have a passion for cricket but also sports in general.


I have been very fortunate to have been around and a part of many great coaches, players and teams and have learnt and continue to learn and improve in order to be able to assist players on their journey. 

Having had the opportunity to work with Australian Players with Intellectual Disability and the Blind and Vison Impaired, State players, State pathway players, Premier Cricket, Community Cricket and ICL, I have acquired a set of skills that allows me the privilege to assist players at all levels.

Paolo Franzoni - Cricket.HEIC
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